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  Mission Statement  

Mission Statement of Tuscumbia City Schools:

The mission of the Tuscumbia City School System is to provide each student an appropriate, positive, and challenging learning environment through traditional, quality educational programs.  The Tuscumbia City Board of Education will accomplish its mission by employing highly competent and well-trained professional employees; providing the professional staff with the necessary instructional materials and teaching resources; maintaining clean, safe, orderly and attractive facilities; setting high standards of academic achievement and personal behavior for each students; and, establishing and maintaining a positive and open channel of communication between home and school.  As a result, students will be more reliant, better disciplined, and more responsible.

The faculty and staff of G.W.T. are dedicated to providing a positive and challenging learning environment.  The cooperation among staff, students, parents, and community will ensure that all students reach their potential in becoming self-reliant, self disciplined, responsible, and productive citizens.

Vision Statement:  Educating students today....Preparing students for tomorrow

  About The School  

History of Our School

Monument dedicated to G.W.Trenholm
Monument dedicated to G.W.Trenholm

     Students began classes at Southside Elementary School in January of 1967.  From 1967 to 1970, our school served African American students in grades one through six.  Integration was initiated in the fall of 1970, and our school began serving all students in the eastern school zone.  The school reorganized grade levels and began serving only grades one and two.  In 1972, third grade was added and was followed by the addition of a kindergarten department in 1977. 

     A new wing of nine classrooms was opened in January of 1982.  This addition made it possible to move 4th grade from Northside to Southside in 1983.  The Tuscumbia City School System was restructured again in September of 1985.  It was then determined that Southside would serve grades K-3.  Our first computer lab made its debut in 1985-86 with the purchase of ten Apple computers.  The PTO (now known as the PVO) was instrumental in the set-up of this computer lab.   

     The third grade was moved to R.E. Thompson Intermediate School in 1997-98.  On February 4, 2004, Southside Elementary School was renamed to honor Professor GW Trenholm, an influential educator and principal of Trenholm High School from 1896-1916.  During Professor Trenholm's term, he supervised three teacher employees! 

     My, how we have grown!  GW Trenholm still houses grades kindergarten through second grade and now serves a preschool.  At present day, the kindergarten wing contains six kindergarten classes and we also have six first grade and six second grade classes.  We have a total of 327 students.  Our computer lab houses 20 new computers purchased, in part, from box tops sent in by parents. Each classroom is equipped with a smartboard, document camera, projector, and computer. Each grade has chromebook cart available for students to use technology in the classroom.  We have eighteen classroom teachers, a counselor, librarian, instructional coach, intervention teacher, two resource teachers, certified P.O. instructor, seven paraprofessionals, lunch room staff, two custodians, and a school nurse.  What a rich history!